Zevia Cola

They had a caffeine free version of this. I laughed just as hard as you.

They had a caffeine free version of this. I laughed just as hard as you.

Hello Beautiful Beverage Lovers,

To settle some Fizzness the beverage industry has been shook by in the recent years.  Stevia has started to be pushed like meth to the point of it almost making it a household recognized product. Personally, I think Stevia is good and I really like it. But some people can’t seem to get over that bitter aftertaste. Its good that people have been giving it a try. But nothing but a small counter-culture unorganized group of people really can enjoy this stink of a thing called Stevia.

Now if you don’t enjoy Stevia as much as I do you can stop reading (I actually really want you to keep reading.).

Now this is a cola, if you are intelligent you may realize I enjoy colas. I enjoy colas because one, they can suck. Two, they can rock. Three, they can be anything in between. And Four, from what I understand they aren’t really the “Orange Soda” of soda (Snob talk for they are hard to make).

Tasting this tastes like an actually enjoyable and not guilty Coca-Cola Zero or Diet Coke.

The drink goes upfront with a sweet enjoyable cola taste, then puts that Stevia-Stamp on it .

It sits in your mouth like stale sparkling water but is unusually fun to hold in and swallow. This beverage is despised by the people who tried it (once). I have had many and this is great as all the other ones after my second.

Zevia Cola is not a beverage to be enjoyed in a hurry in my opinion.  I like to sit down at home after school either after I have done homework or I am doing some good ol’ teenage procrastination and drink this while watching sitcoms on Netflix.

Its something best tasted by sipping from time to time, like whiskey….

The flavor is unique and is different from most sodas and it is enjoyable too.

Stevia products are usually hated and this one is no exception. Just treat it like a mis-behaving child. Deal with it and love it for all it has in itself.

Overall I innately enjoy it and would recommend it (in a 6 pack, see below for why)

Final Question: What would you do with it?

Answer:  Get a 6 pack of it and try it while watching your favorite show or with your friends, don’t stop at your second one. Keep drinking it and you will love it.

HUGE selling point.

HUGE selling point.


Lucky Club Cola

Hello Beautiful Beverage Lovers,

Today is the Lucky Club Cola, It looks pretty good (due to one who most definitely needs refreshment).

I open it, and the smell is a weak and standard smell.

Taking a first sip, I really enjoy it. It is a wee but on the sweet side in my book, but it is very refreshing and pretty tasty.

After every swig the carbonation really foams up, kind of like a root beer.

I really like this after taste I’m getting with this. Its…. Interesting

Almost like a rootber aftertaste…. Makes me wonder…

Overall this review is short, because all most I can say about this cola is that its good. Nothing Spectacular, nothing that makes its mark and sets it aside from all the other craft colas out there. Its just a really good cola. Its like a Coca-Cola without that weird teeth eating bitterness aftertaste.

Final Question: What would you do with it?

Answer: Buy a few and like a few, drink if everything else fails you.



I'm getting carried away with these angles.

I’m getting carried away with these angles.

Cheerwine Soft Drink

Is that all I get for a notice of flavor?

Is that all I get for a notice of flavor?

Honestly I don’t know what this is going to taste like, there is no definite flavor on the label. So I’m in for a surprise I guess, and I tend to not like surprises.

One thing that’s worse than a surprise in my mind is a sucky soda. I really hope we don’t have both here.

Oh look! The bottle gives us a little hint of what this could be! Its cherry.

Enough with my crap, lets get this bottle popping! (Pun intended)

After tasting a taste of a “not half bad” cherry taste with a little bit of what could be cola flavor I understand why they name this concoction Cheerwine. Because the stuff will not stop bubbling after you open it.

Diet Coke and Mentos? Forget that! Holy $#**! Try this stuff and mentos. It would be crazy!

The cherry flavor has a natural tasting sweet to it. But kinda tastes like Dr.Pepper cherry taste to me. Nothing unseen or new I feel.

Also I am not pleased that I can not find how much sugar is in this beverage to save my life! I like to know my chance of getting type 2 diabetes when enjoying such succulent indulgences. It tells me how much salt is in it which is good, but why not sugar?

Also I believe in a product that has no more and no less than it should have of anything in it. This soda looks like something I would drink in a video game if you put light to it. Its very red, they could have used this product to mark whore-houses in the old days because this drink is too red!

I don’t care about artificial coloring! Frankly I prefer things to not have coloring in them. But this seems to have way more coloring than it should. If the soda were clear or had the original color. I think it would be much more flattering than a transparent blood color…

It doesn’t have to do anything with the taste, the taste is in fact good! Almost great! Its just the too much red in it that’s slowing down the disappearance of this liquid.

What I really think about this soda is that is has a good quality cherry taste to it. But it is nothing to rave about.

Final Question: What would you do with it?

Answer: Try it once, enjoy it. Then get one once a year or so.003

Dry (Vanilla Bean) Soda

Seductive Angles

Seductive Angles

Hello Beautiful Beverage Lovers,

I like this bottle, its cool and clear. I am satisfied to see no added coloring.

Twist off and down a sip goes. It tastes dry…

No, seriously. A drink really tastes dry but proves refreshing. I didn’t know it was possible!

The taste starts out in your mouth like a cold Topo Chico like taste (By the way, Topo Chico is great). You really are just getting the showcase of the carbonation at first. And then an aftertaste of fresh, natural, and unrefined vanilla hits you.

The taste is not sugared down. This drink has skill in its flavor, it has barely any sugar for a reason it seems like.

I’m starting to really believe that sugar can hold beverages back in some places now since I have tried this. Its really meant to be cherished.

Flavor is not really there when you first taste it. However it kicks in during the aftertaste which I find odd but not bad at all.

When the vanilla is tasted, it is just a slight bit. You can call it a tease I guess, its just enough to get you to want more.

This drink is as clean and dry as it can be dirty and teasing due to its almost mysterious and elusive sought after flavor.

I have not tried any other “Dry” soda, so I cant really feel them out yet. But I wonder if all the other sodas tease you like this one.

You could get dissapointed with this drink considering its lack of upright flavor, but don’t get mad. Ultimately I think I should be that way. Its making its mark.

All in all I really enjoyed the soda.

Final Question: What would you do with it?

Answer: Don’t keep a stock of it on hand at all times at your house, buy it when nothing else can satisfy you. Because it will be there to fill your voids and fill you with joys.





Bawls Guarana (Root Beer)

Pretty cap at a cool angle...

Pretty cap at a cool angle…

I know what you are starting to think (Can I blame you?).

No. I am not an advertisement for Bawls. However, I would love it if I could get sponsored or something by them (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge).

But I came across this soda after experiencing the original (did not review yet) and cherry flavors. And thought this drink couldn’t be too bad.

So enough with my expert-teenager-excuses, and to what you beautiful people came here for.

Opening the bottle I wonder how weird this soda could and can be. Its a relatively sweet and fruity taste with a root beer flavor. I cant seem to stop dwelling on that.

The smell is week but good. Just like any root beer.

I take a taste and am surprised. I feel deceived by myself, not the drink, but myself. I thought this root beer was going to be crazy! I was ready for some sort of spiritual experience!

The taste is the taste of a really high quality, refined, expensive, light tasting root beer. There are notes of the original Guarana taste and smell. But they are hard to find.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not disappointed, just not what I expected.

The drink is not a Guarana Root Beer, its more a Root Beer with Guarana that is caffeinated.

The root beer however is great. Its more of a light, kind of a different sweet taste to it. Its nice and easy. Nothing dominating your mouth.

I think in fact its nothing short of amazing. A die hard root beer fan might have a bone to pick with it. But I don’t.

This review is a little bit short. Because this next paragraph will sum it up for you.

It is very light, not heavy in any smell or taste. It has a sweet taste, but its a more different kind of sweet. The drink goes down easy (just like slutty chicks…Just kidding). Then after that it is your average high quality root beer. Not too much to this one.

Final Question: What would you do with it?

Answer: Try it, then drink it every now and then. Its not anything you cant wait to drink. However it will be for some people.

Bawls get sweaty when they are hot...

Bawls get sweaty when they are hot…

Brain ToniQ


Skimpy 8.4 oz.

Skimpy 8.4 oz.

This can looks interesting and elegant. Bold but simple. I’m a critic of the “snazzy” (if you will) 8.4 oz. can because everything that seems to be inside them costs $2.50. Its tolerable however, I haven’t even tasted it.

I instantly learn I have to be wolverine or have a coin in my pocket to open this tab. I hate when that happens. Its like it got spot-welded to the can.

Once I opened the can tab that was more relentless than a pissed off honey badger. I smell it, and it smells like….herbs!! I look on the side of the can and see that this drink happens to be vegan. My thoughts are racing of any conceivable way of making a soda or drink like this not vegan.

It was a nice surprise! It was certainly something that I wasn’t suspecting. Its in fact a good smell. And even more interesting news.

I treat myself to a taste. And it tastes…..okay.

I have honestly no clue what I am tasting. Lets just say its different. In a perhaps good way. It has just enough carbonation to satisfy, however does not have enough to be irritating when swallowing it straight.

The taste I get is like the best possible baby celery and grapefruit can make. The flavor is good. Aftertaste is ehhhh. I could go back and forth all day on this beverage.

The taste will ultimately not let you down. But if you are uber-picky or not curious it could be disappointing. Nothing about this drink makes me go wow. I look and feel like a slightly dissapointed hipster.

Grant it this drink does what it says! I felt immediately more responsive, exited, and enlightened. The slim can does not tell white lies (the can is white, see what I did there?).

Final Question: What would you do with it?

Answer: Try it. But if you choose not too, you wont be missing much.

Bawls Guarana (Cherry)

As I pick up this can, it feels pretty hefty in my hand. I don’t know why. But I haven’t even cracked the can and I feel like I’m on some drug or something. The bold can and the novelty of a rare drink like this hit me like I am only 4 years old. I open the tab, and the smell of cherry and something else fill my presence. I’m not sure what that smell is, but its clean like a housewife and has traces of what may smell like flowers (that’s the best I can think of, right now i wish dogs could talk).

I take a sip, and feel a light, joyous liquid that is clear as a wine glass go down into my insides. And its good! This drink is very smooth and pleasant, and even more refreshing. I barely notice the beverage is carbonated. Probably because its lightly carbonated, or is it? I cant really tell. This is something that would go good with a meal. It is not a drink in which dictates your mouth.

In this 16 oz. can, I find on the nutrition facts that it only contains 25g of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar, but not near the big name brand sodas like DP, Coke, 7up, Sprite, etc. and it uses that less amount of sugar to an advantage. But, does use high-fructose corn syrup which is a big No-No. However in beverages, you are in imitator or an innovator. And Bawls in my opinion is groundbreaking.

I forgot to mention the Bawls drinks are flavored by a fruit called Guarana. Which is as exotic as it sounds. Guarana, comes from the areas around the Amazon river and has very high amounts of natural caffeine in it (Oops!).

But this drink definitely pushes the envelope of new and unique. The rush of the caffeine isn’t gimmicky or grainy feeling. It feels smooth and natural. Like leather. But the best part is is the fact that there is no crash, and no extra hydration to keep your body from crashing.

I wouldn’t call this an “energy drink”. Its an artisan soda with caffeinated properties. If you call this an energy drink. I don’t know what you don’t call an energy drink. There is no skinny or funky can that has more vitamins and supplements listed on the back of the can than you have teeth and you accidentally drink in 4.7 seconds and then have to trash, and think, “I spent 3 bucks on it” that bawls comes with.

Just quality beverage that tasted a lot more interesting than the average 12 oz. aluminum can brings you.

Final question: What would you do with it?

Answer: Get a bunch of it at once because it is very hard to get. Drink sometimes to maximize desire and satisfaction. Share with friends and drink with meals.

Sexy Red Tall 16 oz.